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General Information

Please note that parents should watch practices from the spectator seating area - PLEASE DO NOT COME DOWN ONTO THE POOL DECK. We can usually meet with parents before or after practice, but also please feel free to contact Keith or Agnes directly if you need to speak with us. Discussions about your child's progress should be with Agnes first, and with Agnes and Keith only.

Registration Policies: Please refer to the CRD Registration Forms for more information. Fees for a diver's FIRST session are pro-rated if a diver joins the team in the middle of a session. After joining the team, divers should register for full sessions only.

Fees: Payments for each session must be made IN ADVANCE, except during the initial tryout period, which is usually one day. Fees for CRD at Harvard should be paid by session or for the entire term. There is no pro-rating fees except in the initial registration period, and in the case of a prolonged diving injury or illness which prevents active training. There are NO REFUNDS.

Diving Camps: CRD Divers should not plan to attend overnight diving camps unless we are not holding practices AND UNLESS approved by Agnes in advance.

Makeup Practices: There are no makeups.

Travel Fees & Meet Coaching: When CRD travels to competitions, coaching fees and travel expenses are split among the families that attend the meet. The expenses include transportation (we use a mileage rate, if driving), lodging and $25/day for meals. In addition, each diver is charged a $50 “coaching fee” per meet, including all home meets.

First Practice / Try-Out: New divers are charged $75 for the first workout, payable in advance. This fee will be credited toward the session fee if the diver continues.

Drop-Ins: There are no Drop-Ins. Please contact Agnes directly in advance.

Private Lessons: Please contact Agnes for details.